I lived in Loganville for a short time in an early German built house. I didn't know the history of it back then I was only 20 to 21 years old.  I know now it was the Falkenstein Homestead.  Very well taken care of - huge barn, house, springhouse, grape vineyards, smokehouse, handforged door latches and deep window sills!  It had all the room you could ask for. I wish now I would have been able to purchase it back then - in 1967 it was already 150 years old!

I am not directly related to these people - this is just history of a house I lived in at one time!

Here is the genealogy of the people that built the house and also some of there family history including
the pages that link to this house. 
One person born here wrote for the and was in contact with
people in the Pennsylvania German Society.

His name is George Ness Falkenstein.

The Falkenstein House - Loganville Pa

Ludwig Falkenstein and Agnes Falkenstein

Ludwig 1 was born Nov. 19, 1706 in Engstlatt, Wurttemberg,Germany,
He married Agnes Falkenstein and they had ten children.
The family departed Germany for America on Mar. 25, 1746.
The name of the ship was "Galley Anne".
Ludwig FALKENSTEIN born DEC 12 1733  Engstlatt, Baden-Württemberg Germany died 1777 Philadelphia Pa
married Maria Veronica HERMANN born ABT 1748 Pennsylvania

Jacob FALKENSTEIN  born SEP 15 1775 Philadelphia Pa died MAY 21 1859
married Barbara KEENY born MAY 15 1778 York Pennsylvania

Rev David FALKENSTINE  Birth: 7 AUG 1817 in , York, Pennsylvania  Death: 13 APR 1866 in , York, Pennsylvania
When less than a year of age his father moved to what became the Falkenstein homestead, and there lived the remainder of his life, he succeeding his father as owner of the homestead. He was a very successful and well-to-do farmer. Upon the death of his father, Bishop Jacob Falkenstein was elected to the ministry by the Brethren church of that place. He however did not live many years to preach. He died April 13, 1866, after a few weeks' illness of typhoid fever. In the midst of life and usefulness Mr. Falkenstein followed his venerable father, and in the presence of a vast assembly he was laid by his side, that in death they might not be separated.
Marriage 1 Anna Mary NESS b: 5 JAN 1835 in , York, Pennsylvania

George Ness FALKENSTINE  Birth: 16 JUL 1859 in , York, Pennsylvania Death: 17 AUG 1949 in Elizabethtown, Lancaster, Pa Burial: Springfield Township, York, Pennsylvania  BURIED BUPP'S UNION.
married  Eva SHELLENBERGER born JUN  14 1864 Pennsylvania  buried  BUPP'S UNION

A son  Alexander Mack FALKENSTINE  born SEP 29 1895  Pennsylvania

President of Elizabethtown College - George Ness Falkenstein - 1901-1902

ELIZABETHTOWN, PA  George Ness Falkenstein (1859-1949) taught
science in Illinois, served a Brethren congregation in Philadelphia, wrote history,
sold used booksand helped to found Elizabethtown College

Rev. George N. Falkenstein, born in Springfield Twp., York Co., Pa., July 16, 1859, on the old Falkenstein homestead, which was owned by the family for 67 years, and is still to this day known by that name.
When less than 7 years of age his father died (in 1866) and eight years later his mother.
The early breaking up of his home had a wonderful influence upon his life. He remained
on the farm until 19 years of age, attending the county academy one session. In the
Spring of 1879 he entered Huntingdon (Pa.) Normal College (now Juniata College),
graduating in 1882. The following j^ear was spent in Oberlin College in the study of the
Classics. In the Fall of 1883 he entered Mt. Morris College, intending to complete his
college course, but at the close of one year the college course was interrupted, and in
July 1884, accompanied by his brother, he started on a trip to the Pacific coast,
spending one year in traveling and teaching. Returning to his native State in September
1885 he entered the mercantile business, but retired in less than two years, finding it
neither profitable or desirable. Having married in the meanwhile he moved to Kansas
and returned to teaching. Finding teaching to his liking he decided upon furtlier
preparation for more advanced work. He entered the University of Michigan and devoted
himself entirely to the Sciences. Soon after entering he was called to the chair of
sciences in the Mt. Morris College, and he began his work in that institution in September
1889. These were years of preparation and development, now followed four years of hard work.

In May 1892 he was elected to the ministry under instructions from the annual conference for supplying men for the mission field. The Germantown Brethren church, organized in 1723, the original mother church in America, was in need of a pastor, and applied to the General Mission Board. Upon the Board's recommendation the church gave him an unanimous call to become their resident minister and pastor in November 1892. The following Spring he resigned his position and removed with his family to Philadelphia. On June II, 1893,entered upon his ministerial duties in the old mother church, where he has since labored
to the edification and building up of the church.

A sermon he gave visiting a Brethern Church in York - Very interesting History!
Address The Church - by Elder G. N. Falkenstein, Historian, Philadelphia

Mr. Falkenstein was married to Eva Shellenberger April 15, 1886. Ger. Bap. Br. Children Mary Olive Falkenstein, b. Mar. 23, 1887 ; died July 13, 1888. Holmes Falkenstein, born Oct. 11, 1889. Catharine Falkenstein, born May 25, 1891 died Oct. 17, 1892. Lillian Falkenstein, born Aug. 17, 1892. Alexander Mack Falkenstein, born Sept. 29, 1895.

A Book was published by G. N. Falkenstein " History of the German Baptist Brethren Church " in 1901.
Falkenstein wrote about the church
from its beginning at Schwarzenau, Germany, to the close of
the American Revolution, also the following congregations :
Germantown, the Indian Creek Group of Churches, and the
Maryland Congregations in Caroline and Talbot counties.

George Ness Falkenstein is BURIED in the  BUPP'S UNION CEMETERY Loganville
Very close to the Old Falkenstain Homestead

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From left to right Daniel Long Miller,
Samuel Ruhl Zug,
and George Ness Falkenstein